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Guy Bordin Sighs and Whispers red nails red lips

Guy Bourdin, from“Sighs and Whispers” catalog, 1976


Christian Dior Couture

Dior couture make up blue eyeliner red lips

Dior couture makeup pink eyeliner red lips

dior couture makeup green eyeliner red lips

So we got bright orange lips, neon eyeliner and mascara and 1 milliom fresh flowers in the background. Needless to say I died, went to heaven and came back when I saw these.

Magic in Action

What’s a better way to show the power of MAC Magenta pigment, then in real life? I was on my way to a work event, and I really wanted to wear a dark lip. While  doing my makeup in the cab, I was texting a friend telling her how this pigment change my life. And to show how great it is, I sent her those iPhone pics I took in the process. Magical, I know.

In the first picture I only have the Kate Moss for Rimmel purple shade on. The second picture is after applying the pigment to create a deeper red color. I obviously look happier in the last one.

Rimmel- The kate collection

While I was in LA last month (for the first time, and oh god, I loved it), I picked up the new Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick at Walgreens. I have been thinking about myself with dark lips for a while, and the only color left at the stand was the purple one (995-04)… so it was perfect. Before even trying it on, I was day dreaming of my new mulberry lips, paired with a lace dress and center parted hair. Oh man, was I excited!

But then, reality struck. First, the color was a very strong dark purple, and did not look good with my skin tone at all. Second, its super shiny, too shiny for my liking. And third, it was already broken and melted in the tube. I blame it on the California sunshine, but I was not ready to give up on my day dream just yet. After applying the lipstick with a brush, I topped it with my fairy dust- MAC’s magenta pigment, and voila- purple brown matte lips.

Be careful though, it’s a high maintenance combination, and it will get all over your face. You may find yourself with a brownish stain around your lips in all of your pictures from your trip to LA. Evidence can be found above.



The Perfect Pink

I dream about this color at night. Lindsy Lohan, Miu Miu Campaign, 2007. I am not sure, but I am guessing Pat McGrath is responsible for this magic.

Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo by MAC is my absolute favorite… and every other girl I know loves it just as much, which makes me hate it sometimes. I have found myself more then once walking into a room with a dozen different ladies wearing Ruby Woo. I always handle situations like this gracefully, usually screaming “come’on” and wiping my lips with dissatisfaction. But, I mean… what can you really do when you have found the BEST LIPSTICK EVER?

Besides the gorgeous red red color (with slight blue undertones), it has the staying power of spray paint. You can eat a burger with a side of fries, and it’s still on. You can wear it to the beach, swim in the ocean and tan for two hours, and it’s still on. But the best is, you can go to a party, get completely hammered, talk and dance for hours, get home and pass out, wake up in the morning… and its still on.

I also like to call this the “first timer”, as its the perfect start for red lipstick virgins (btw give a bj… and its still on). The color looks good on any skin tone and I can honestly say I’ve never met a girl that did not look amazing in this lipstick. But again, the biggest perk is you dont need to fuss with reapplying it.

Lately I’v been using it as a base and mixing it with other colors, NARS Dragon girl and Vincent Longo’s Ignition are my current faves, or with a bit of orange or pink pigment. Sometimes on days where I don’t feel like going all the way, I’ll use it as a stain, just by rubbing it on the lips, then cleaning it off… and its still on.

Photo by Gretchen Sayers

Holly in Dior

Perfect lipstick model Holly wearing “Rouge Dior” #999.

Deborah Lippmann- Stop and Stare

Deborah Lippmann stop and stare is my current favorite red. Been wearing it non stop for 3 months. Even Kyle couldn’t resist painting his toes with it.

Mac- Beet Lip Pencil and Ruby Woo

I was very excited when I went to see The-Dream this week, so I wore my new favorite combination: The forever number 1 Mac Ruby woo Lipstick, and on top of it i used my new favorite purchase- Mac  Lip Pencil In Beet.

Urban Decay- Revolution

Sara looking like a superstar in Urban Decay Revolution