Dragon Girl

by vermilionkisses

Sarah took this picture. It was Thanksgiving karaoke and I was wearing Nars Dragon Girl, with a bit of MAC Neo-Orange pigment on top. Sweet Sarah… every time we meet she makes an effort and wears red lipstick. she says it’s especially for me.

Dragon girl is probably the lipstick I have used the most in the past 6 months. It’s a matte red, with blue undertones, it reminds me of Ruby Woo, just lighter, and fresher. I love it by itself, I love to mix it with orange or pink pigment, and I even love to mix it with ruby woo. Bottom line… it always delivers.

The velvet matte finish is smoother and richer then what I am used to, which means it doesn’t dry my lips like other matte lipsticks, but it also doesn’t stay as long. I will admit that sometimes, when I am a bit spacey and carless, Dragon girl finds itself on more then just my lips.