Rimmel- The kate collection

by vermilionkisses

While I was in LA last month (for the first time, and oh god, I loved it), I picked up the new Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick at Walgreens. I have been thinking about myself with dark lips for a while, and the only color left at the stand was the purple one (995-04)… so it was perfect. Before even trying it on, I was day dreaming of my new mulberry lips, paired with a lace dress and center parted hair. Oh man, was I excited!

But then, reality struck. First, the color was a very strong dark purple, and did not look good with my skin tone at all. Second, its super shiny, too shiny for my liking. And third, it was already broken and melted in the tube. I blame it on the California sunshine, but I was not ready to give up on my day dream just yet. After applying the lipstick with a brush, I topped it with my fairy dust- MAC’s magenta pigment, and voila- purple brown matte lips.

Be careful though, it’s a high maintenance combination, and it will get all over your face. You may find yourself with a brownish stain around your lips in all of your pictures from your trip to LA. Evidence can be found above.